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The Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore is a group of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to promoting the highest degree of service excellence in the field of Collaborative Practice. Collaborative Practice is an out-of-court process for resolving disputes associated with divorce, estates and trusts, medical malpractice, guardianship, pre-nuptial agreements, child custody, contracts and business disputes just to name a few. In addition, any dispute in which the people involved want or need to have a relationship that continues after the resolution should consider the Collaborative Process. A non-adversarial approach, Collaborative Practice uses specially trained lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals to help negotiate mutually agreeable settlements that are determined by the people involved, not the court. In a Collaborative case everyone works together with the commitment of all participants that they will engage in a transparent process that requires full disclosure and that they will resolve the issues without going to court.

The Mission of the Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore is to develop and promote collaborative practice as an effective means of alternative dispute resolution and to offer professionals of all disciplines involved in dispute resolution and the populations they serve, a humane and respectful way to resolve conflicts.


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